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The computer has allowed artist to erase the boundaries between photography, illustration and design so we can see new possibilities in all three disciplines.  I have spent the last fifteen years trying to push the possibilities of CGI as an art form as well as a platform to solve problems for my clients when photography or traditional illustration weren’t enough. Sometimes that’s because it’s too expensive, sometimes because the project needs to defy the laws of physics. And sometimes the product is simply not available yet, or I am contracted to design the product ad or logo to begin with.


Alex Ostroy is an Art Director  who specializes in high-impact graphic design and 3D visualization. Based in NYC, Ostroy received a BFA  from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from NYU.

clients include

Atlantic Magazine
Barnes and Noble
Entertainment Weekly
Jill Greenberg Studios

Random House
Rolling Stone

Sport Illustrated

Spot Design
Seven for Mankind

The Boston Globe
The Village Voice
The New York Times
Time magazine


awards and honors

Voted one of
Ad Age best magazine covers

Super Reggie Gold Award
For excellence in promotional media.

Communication Arts Annual
Axl Rose, “The Lost Years”

SPD Silver Medal for Design/Illustration
Rolling Stone magazine

Mac Directory features work and interview
“Finding a balance, the work of AlexOstroy”

American Illustration Awards book
honored in books 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23

YOUNG GUNS Selected by The Art Directors Club

I.D. Magazine Article:
3D Mutiny

How Magazine Feature:
Up and Coming Graphic Talent

Audio Visual Multimedia immersion
Award for Pontiac Illustrations


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