Beauty Still Life

In the past ten or so years I saw how car ads have become almost exclusively CGI, so I began experimenting with bottles, cans and smaller products for still life. In the past two years advertising has begun to use CGI more and more often, especially in the case of beauty products because of its ease of use and great flexibility.

These images were created for advertisements in place of traditional still life photography. Using CGI can give art directors the ability to fine-tune the image as well as change things like the lighting or the angle at the last moment, so there is never a need for a reshoot. Much like the transition from the darkroom to Photoshop fifteen years ago.



Barnes and Noble; Design

1I began working with with the Barnes and Nobles accessories division to help launch their then-secret new e-reader the “nook” in 2009 and I have been designing for them ever since. I created the two style boards, one for men and one for women, to help create a look and feel for the new brand and the lifestyle we were trying to convey for the nook 2. In addition to designing the packaging and the illustrations of the accessories and product for the backs of the packaging, I also designed many of the covers, tote-bags and sets for the photoshots, below are three examples. More can be found here .



Del Monte

Del Monte is a great client for me because they involve me from the beginning of the development cycle of their newest products. In the examples below I designed the packages as well as the labels.  Del Monte then uses focas groups and food marketers to judge the appetite appeal of the packaging and graphics and later we refine the chosen designs with subsequent revisions.





Fast Company

In the past five years, Fast Company has become a leading proponent in design and the importance of design in any small company. I really enjoy working with them and felt honored to do be able to do the Steve Jobs cover, as Steve is a little camera-shy. The image was voted one of the ten best Steve Jobs covers of all time. Additionally I created illustrations for the story.


Broadway Poster Design

I have had the privilege of working with the great art director Gail Anderson since she was at Rolling stone with Fred Woodward. Since she moved to Spot design, I have been able to work for her there by helping with the visualization of broadway poster designs, here are a few of them:



Working with my friends at Dippin Sauce we created this image. The building immediately behind the car is all CGI expertly integrated into the photo by Dippin Sauce. The ad is for the Chinese market and the building is very well known, however the agency was not able to get a useable shot of it at the correct angle. But you never would have know that if I had not told you, right?



Here are some examples of the work that has been commissioned by magazines over the past five years. Frequently I am asked to do covers  because of the ability of 3D to render photo-realistically unconstrained by the costs and difficulties of elaborate photoshoots.


Jill Greenberg

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with the great photographer Jill Greenberg for the past 15 years. Here are a few examples of our work together. Jill, of course, takes the photos and I add the 3D elements. The knife on the Lemon Magazine cover, the armor and barbed wire on the Netscreen women, the product and droplet for Dial and the strip for Crest Whitestrips. The horse and woman is a model for a sculpture Jill is working on.


WIRED “evolution”

For their special issue on Science and Religion WIRED commissioned me to design stained glass windows that appeared throughout the issue. The images won multiple awards including the American Illustration book and Communication Arts.



Jakks Toys is one of the three largest toy companies in the world, if not one of the best known. Their products often incorporate some pretty high-technology for, you know, toys. I was asked to create  illustrations for box covers and catalogues before the product was manufactured. Here are some of my favorite examples.